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The second broadband network in the Netherlands

As the leading Dutch broadband supplier, BBned offers a complete portfolio of high-quality, reliable DSL broadband services to Internet Service Providers, Application Service Providers and telecom companies. BBned provides wholesale broadband access to third parties via its proprietary unbundled DSL network, one of the largest in the Netherlands with coverage of over 85%. BBned has the resources and expertise required to build an extensive broadband network due to the years of experience in this market. BBned’s partners include sister company BBeyond, the innovative provider of broadband communications solutions, and broadband brand Alice. Hoofddorp-based BBned was established in July 2000 and currently has a workforce of some 200 employees.

Fibreoptics is here to stay

Over the years to come, BBned will continue the implementation of fibreoptic cables in the Netherlands. Fibreoptics is the perfect technology to meet end users’ ever-increasing demands for bandwidth and will eventually extend beyond the possibilities of traditional infrastructures. Within the Open Networking Provisioning Model, BBned takes responsibility for implementing and managing the active fibreoptic infrastructure. BBned collaborates with partners to construct and finance the passive fibreoptic layer. As soon as the passive layer is available, BBned will install the network equipment and provide its associated services providers with access to the new fibreoptic area, allowing them to offer their services. Since BBned has a robust, smooth-running organisation, the company is able to start implementing active fibreoptic structures straightaway. BBned is currently rolling out fibreoptic infrastructure networks in residential and business areas in Amsterdam (www.glasvezelamsterdam.nl), Rotterdam (Fiberport; www.fiberport.nl) and the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant (www.glasvezeleindhoven.nl).

BBned's critical success factors

  • Largest DSL network in the Netherlands
  • State-of-the-art, first-rate services portfolio
  • Service-orientedness, quality, transparency
  • Over 70 outstanding service providers
  • Focus, ambition, dedication and drive
  • Solid system, solid partners
  • Financial backing and support by Tele2 Group

For more information

To obtain further information on BBned please contact:

Postbus 692, 2130 AR Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
Telephone +31 (0)23 565 9999
Fax +31 (0)23 56 333 56
Email contact@bbned.nl